Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Origins of the Paint Diaries

So I started a new job which I love Love LOVE!, but which has taken me from my former, glorious, 4 Day Weekend, Every Single Week! state, all of which I tried to spend in the studio, to NO WEEKEND FOR YOU!, which has left my studio all but abandoned...

To keep my inner artist sane, I took inspiration from the whole painting a day movement, and more than anything, from my ART AMIGO "Howyadoin?" Bret Taylor who has successfully painted every single day without fail since (last New Year's, was it?). I got myself a bunch of spiral-bound watercolor paper pads, and I have begun the practice of painting at least 5 seconds a day, to dip a knife or brush in paint and put something down about how I feel or what color or line or texture I need to see...

In this blog you will find the results since I started...I haven't yet managed to do this everyday--isn't that pathetic??? But I'm workin on it...Some of this will be pure diary, some experimental fun, some will be concepts that will eventually make their ways into the finished paintings you will find at my original blog,

Thanks for being part of the ride,

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