Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beach Smooch WIP

11X14 Golden OPEN Acrylic on Canvas

The beginning of my next work, drawing more than a bit from Dan McCaw...Dang, OPENs are fun!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Monster Tracks and A Little Boy"

I was doing a paint sketch of my little guy from life, and stepped away to check the action. Meanwhile, he picked up a brush and decided it was a collaboration, ha! Ah, my little artist--check out that heart he brought out in it! What a sweetie. I let him name it...Though, since it *is* a collaboration, I should add my two cents: "Monster Tracks and a Little Boy (Whose Mama Loves Him!)"

OPEN Acrylics on Watercolor Paper

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec. 13th, After the Sweat Lodge

I had to put something down, I just smeared some paint around, and after I was done, I looked at it, and it was my favorite symbol! totally unintentional...

A bit of a start on the Solstice Backdrop...

So here it is, tomorrow the color goes on via our local youth group, I can't wait! I had the measurements all figured out for a 9x12, it turned out to be an 8'x10', ay! So it took a few hours to figure out, but it's all laid out now...that was the hard part, the fun part will be filling it in...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

And here's the sketches for a Solstice painting!

Working on a 12"x12" model of the 2nd pic, which will be turned into an 8'x8' backdrop by Dec. 19th (What am I thinking???)

For Sean Fitzgerald

A dear friend of mine got into a car accident on black ice and left us way too soon...I spent the weekend of his memorial listening to his music and wailing. Here's what I did to soothe turned into the ocean...I love going to the water when I'm troubled...